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Psion PLC

PROJECT Wavefinder



creative lead
project manager
interaction designer

Blueprint, Metro
The Guardian, Which?

Red dot award 2001,
for Design Innovation,
Design Zentrum

overview | interface

Wavefinder is Psion’s first Infomedia product.

It is a digital radio antenna that once connected to a computer
exploits the full graphics and interactive potential of digital radio
by turning a PC into a digital radio receiver.

It was developed to work within the European market and by
using the screen, sound and network capabilities of the computer
allowed cheap penetration of receivers into the market place.

Wavefinder consists of a software application and antenna with
a USB connection to a computer. The antenna is wall-mounted
with two short aerials above and below a blue transparent
processing unit. Within its white core glow blue, green and red
LEDs provide reassurance about signal strength and activity.

The project aimed to create a holistic design for all aspects of
the product: the brand, word marque, software, antenna
and packaging.
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